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  rev. 10/26/11

Mt. Baker Amateur Radio Club Repeater Group                                    



         The repeater group was founded in 1974 by W7ISX Tony (sk).  W7UMH Jim , W7LXP Danny (sk) ,W7YEQ Bill (sk). and WA7BAY ( W7NP ) Mike. We are a semi-autonomous group within the Mt. Baker Amateur Radio Club Inc., we have our own elected officers and bylaws. The first machine was on the freq. 146.730 Mhz on Mt Constitution Orcas Island, Wa. and was put on the air in late 1974.  In 1978 a repeater was added at King Mt. just north of Bellingham on 147.150 Mhz.  The repeater group now has three repeaters on two meters and three on 70 cm or 450 Mhz. The repeaters at the Mt. Constitution site are the 146.740 Mhz  offset minus .600 kc and the 444.050 Mhz offset plus 5 mhz machine.  These machines can be cross-linked if needed by the control operator. These two repeaters are classed as wide area coverage.   The group has two local coverage machines in the King Mt. site on 147.160 Mhz offset plus .600 kc and 443.650 Mhz offset plus 5 Mhz they provide local Whatcom county area coverage and used for local communications, along with ARES and  ACS operations. The 147.160 Mhz repeater has a link to the IRLP worldwide network ( node 3276 ). The 443.650 Mhz  repeater is linked to the W7UMH 53.090 Mhz six meter repeater on Lyman Hill. In Oct. 2002 a UHF repeater on 443.750 Mhz + 5 Mhz and 103.5 Hz PL was added to our system on Lookout Mtn. south of Bellingham near No. Lake Samish this is a wide area coverage repeater. Then in Oct. 2003 a second 146.740 Mhz repeater was added to Lookout Mtn. site. This repeater uses a PL tone of 127.3 Hz and the Orcas Island repeater uses a 103.5 Hz tone. The two repeaters share the same frequency and the user selects which machine by the PL tone used. To tell which machine one is listening to, is by the COURTESY  tone sent by the repeater. The Mt. Constitution repeater sends the CW letter “T” or a dah, and the Lookout  repeater sends the letter “K” or dah-dit-dah.  In August of 2010 both the VHF and UHF repeaters on the Lookout site were relocated to the Squalicum Mt site, Squalicum Mt. is located about 5 miles north east of down town Bellingham. This move was done to allow the Whatcom County Sheriff Office ACS to install their 146.700 and 440.475 mhz D-STAR repeater system at the Lookout site.


Mt. Constitution               146.740 MHz   103.5 Hz                     444.050 MHz   103.5 Hz

Squalicum Mt                   146.740 MHz   127.3 Hz                     443.750 MHZ   103.5 Hz

King Mtn.                         147.160 MHz    103.5 Hz                    443.650 MHz    103.5 Hz


       If you would like to help support the repeater group, you can do so with a YEARLY donation of $25.00.   This helps with maintenance, upkeep and procurement of new equipment at the Mt. Constitution / Squalicum Mtn. repeaters, along with support for the King Mtn. and  Lyman Hill sites.


                                                         Mt. Baker Amateur Radio Club Repeater Group

                                                                                   PO Box 981

                                                                          Bellingham, WA. 98227-0981


                       K7RGK  Ryan   Chairman              W7MDH  Mike  Secretary         N7KWD  Dale Treasurer

                       KP2X   Jim  tech.                          WA7ZWG   Bob tech.               W7RNB  Ricky  tech.

                       K7RGK  Ryan  tech.                      N7OC   Stan                            KN0N   Brian


                                      ***                Lyman Hill Site            Mt. Constitution           ***                                                                   

    The following  repeaters were sponsored by the No. West Washington   10/6/440 repeater group and are now maintain by the MBARC  Repeater Group and the  5CECG.   For more information on these machines please contact those listed   below       


                          29.680 Mhz     Mt. Constitution  W7UMH/R  - 100Khz     110.9 Hz   Linked to 442.750 Mhz  

                        442.750 Mhz     Mt Constitution   W7UMH/R  + offset        103.5 Hz   Link to  29.680 Mhz

                    927.68750 Mhz     Lyman Hill  W7UMH/R  - 25 Mhz offset    114.8 Hz


                             ***                    Other local area repeaters           not part of the MBARC RG     ***

                          53.090 Mhz   Lyman Hill  W7UMH/R  - 1.7 mhz offset   100.0 Hz   Linked to 443.650 Mhz

                        442.400 Mhz   Lyman Hill  W7UMH / NU7Z/R + offset    107.2 Hz      

                       145.230 Mhz    Sumas Mt.  W7BPD/R  - offset  103.5 Hz                          contact  KP2X /  K7RGK

                       145.230 Mhz    Blaine ACS  W7BPD/R  - offset  131.8 Hz                         contact KP2X /  K7RGK

                       224.860 Mhz    King Mt.   N7FYU/R   - offset                                            contact    N7FYU

                     1290.950 Mhz    King Mt.   N7FYU/R  - 20mhz offset 103.5 Hz                     contact    N7FYU

                       441.925 Mhz    Whatcom Cnty Courthouse   N7FYU/R + offset  103.5 Hz    contact    N7FYU

                     440.3750 Mhz    Sumas Mt.     W7BPD/R   + offset  131.8 Hz                      contact   KP2X / K7RGK

                     440.3750 Mhz    Blaine ACS   W7BDP/R    + offset 107.2 Hz                       contact   KP2X / K7RGK

                   927.48750 Mhz    Lookout Mt. WA7ZWG/R  -25Mhz  offset  114.8 Hz             contact    WA7ZWG / KP2X

                   927.37500 Mhz    Blaine ACS  W7BPD/R    -25Mhz offset  114.8 Hz               contact  KP2X / K7RGK

                     223.8600 Mhz    5CECG  Lyman Hill  W7MBY/R  - offset   103.5 Hz             contact  NU7Z / WA7ZWG / KP2X

                      146.700 Mhz     WCSO ACS   WC7SO   - offset        D-STAR                     contact  W7CDC / KN0N