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Yaesu Fusion Repeater On-Line

posted Oct 23, 2015, 4:36 PM by Brian Lawler
October 23, 2015

The Yaesu System Fusion Digital/Analog repeater purchased with funds from the Roy Cunningham KC7IJH estate sale proceeds has been installed at the King Mountain site on the VHF frequency pair.  The repeater is running in dual mode:  incoming analog FM signals will re-transmit as FM, and incoming digital signals will re-transmit as digital.  IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL USERS: The repeater output now includes a CTCSS tone (103.5, same as the input squelch).  Analog users will need to implement CTCSS Squelch on their receivers if they don't wish to hear the digital transmissions, which will sound like "noise".  The frequency pair remains 147.160 / 147.760, input(+) with an access tone of 103.5

IRLP service discontinued

The IRLP system stopped functioning due to equipment failure some months ago.  There is no plan to return it to service.  IRLP is incompatible with System Fusion.