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Spetember Meeting Minutes

posted Dec 29, 2009, 10:15 PM by Brian Lawler

Mt Baker Amateur Radio Club Repeater Group Meeting September 21, 2009

Member present:


Bob Johnson, Jim Elston, Dale Kloes, Ryan King, Stan Schmidt, Jim Kaufman, Allen Hart, Mike Haslip

Meeting called to order by Bob (WA7ZWG) at 1930 hours

Secretary's Report:

Report from June 06, 2009, was read and approved.

Treasurers Report:

Dale (N7KWD) provided the 2008 financial records to the Audit Committee on 06/18/09 as directed by the President of the club. The records were received back on 07/24/09, but there was no indication of their findings.

Dale worked with Key Bank providing updated information and new signature card for the checking account. Bob Johnson and dale Kloes are the current approved signors for the account. Both were issued debit cards which will allow after-hours automated teller access and a means to pay for miscellaneous expenses without writing additional checks.

As of 09/21/09, current checking account balance is $2394.10 with 51 active members (including one life member).

Expenses paid during the period of 06/03/09 thru 09/21/09 are:

$48.00             Postal Box rental

$356.00           Lookout Repeater site rent UHF/VHF

$44.70             Travel expenses to Orcas (Johnson/Elston)

Old Business:

Jim (KP2X) and Bob (WA7ZWG) went to Orcas to determine problem with the 440.050 repeater. The harmonic filter was determined to be bad and was brought back for repairs. Repairs were made and it will be re-installed on next trip

On June 04, 2009, the MTR2000 UHF repeater donated by Paul Razore was installed at Lookout. Paul went along to the site and was quiet impressed.

On Aug 7, 2009, the VHF Quantar repeater donated by Paul Razore (KB7APJ) was installed at King.

It was found that the repeater group's insurance only covers equipment and not personnel. Gary Crawford (W7GLC) will check to see if the club's insurance with cover personnel when traveling to and from repeater sites.

New Business:

Record Keeping: A new equipment inventory sheet was made and a copy was provided to board members.

Excess Equipment:

IFR 1000S service Monitor needs repairs. Bob (WA7ZWG) will check resources to determine if it is economically viable to repair the monitor.

RCA UHF receiver, unknown model (used as control RX at 74 Lookout) is no longer used. Looking at options for disposal.

Motorola UHF uni-chassis UHF repeater with 12 watt PS will go to Puyallup hamfest to be sold.

GE Master II UHF 40 watt repeater. No power supply. Was replaced by MTR2000 443.750 Mhz at Lookout.

GE Master II VHF 100 watt repeater complete. Replaced by Quantar 147.160 Mhz at King Mt.

The 5 County Emergency Communications Group would like to trade the repeater group a complete Motorola MSR-2000 repeater for the two above GE Master II repeaters. The MSR-2000 can be used as a backup repeater or spare parts for existing like repeaters. A motion was made by Mike Haslip (W7MDH) and a second by Stan Schmidt (N7OC) to make the trade. A vote indicated all in favor.

Another MSR 2000 VHF complete repeater has been made available to purchase for $300.00. Jim Elston (KP2X) made a motion to the group to make the purchase. A second was made by Ryan King (K7RGK). A vote indicated all in favor to make the purchase.

Bob Johnson will be looking into purchasing two brass name plates for the two repeaters donated by Paul Razore. Ryan King will draft a letter of thanks as well.

There was discussion about linking our repeaters to other systems. The group decided it was in everyones best interest not to do this. The group also discussed programming the 147.160 King Mt. Quantar repeater for both conventional and P-25 digital. It was decided to revisit this at a future date.

The group discussed on how to handle equipment in the event of the loss of the club or one of the group's members. Additional discussion is needed to determine the type of procedure needed.

Other Business:

The 74 Lookout coordination is due in December and the Sumas repeater is still in a holding pattern until the go ahead is given to install at the new repeater site.

Next meeting is scheduled for Dec 07, 2009.