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Dec 09 Meeting Minutes

posted Jan 2, 2010, 4:50 PM by Brian Lawler

Mt. Baker Amateur Radio Group Meeting Minutes  12-07-09

Members Present:

Bob Johnson - WA7ZWG

Jim Elston - KP2X

Dale Kloes - N7KWD

Ryan King - K7RGK

Stan Schmidt - N7OC

Brian Lawler - KN0N

Roy Cunningham - KC7IJH

Meeting called to order by Bob (WA7ZWG) at 1915 hours.

The secretary's report was read and approved by members present.

Treasurers Report:

Dale (N7KWD) reports that the final membership count for 2009 is 51 members. (50 paid and one

lifetime member.)

Five membership applications for 2010 have been received to date. Dale reports that there seems to be some confusion about membership application and donation amounts

New members (not included in last years roster) include: Don Boyer (W7AIN), Chuck Frump (KE7NEN) and Doug Stalkeld (KE7QPL).

Members are acknowledged by either a postcard or email thanking them for their contribution to the Repeater Group upon receipt.

Notable expenses paid during the period totaled $364.89 for travel expenses, Lookout Mountain Repeater Coordination fees, purchase of an MSR-2000 Repeater and identification plates for donated equipment.

Remaining checking account balance as of 12-07-09 is $2109.51

Old Business:

The 444.050 Orcas repeater is back up and operational.

Bob explained that the repeater groups insurance only covers the equipment if case of loss and does not cover technicians traveling to or from the repeater sites. A couple of options were discussed such as acquiring insurance through an independent carrier or look into submitting an application with ARRL as an affiliate to the Mt. Baker Amateur Radio Club.

Discussion on the Constitution and By-Law re-write for the club and new By-Laws for subsidiary Groups was tabled until the next meeting.

A Thank You letter to Paul Razore (KB7APJ) will be sent out immediately along with a life-time membership with the Repeater Group. Two engraved name plates have been installed at the donated repeaters.

Letters were sent out to new users on the repeaters asking for donations or memberships. A few replies have been received.

The GE repeaters have been transferred to 5 CEGG and exchanged for the Motorola MRS-2000 and spare parts, as well as a Motorola MRS-2000 from Day Wireless. One of these repeaters is currently ready to be changed out if needed. Bob (WA7ZWG) currently has custody of these items.

The website is up to date with repeater status indicated. That website is (

New Business:

Members discussed trying the D-Star repeater on Lookout Mountain for better coverage. There would need to be a letter of agreement between the Repeater Group and D-Star Group. During the test period, the Lookout Repeater 146.740 would temporarily be offline. Also discussed was looking into Squalicum Mountain as a new site for the 146.740 repeater. A motion was made by Roy (KC7IJH) and a second by Jim (KP2X) to authorize the test.

Bob (WA7ZWG) stated that a new chairman needed to be elected. He said that he would continue the position of nobody else was interested. The members stated they would like Bob to remain chairman. Roy made a motion with a second by Jim to re-elect Bob as the Chairman. All were in favor. 

The IFR-1000S service monitor needs repaired. W7LMR will repair and calibrate the service monitor for $175.00 plus tax. A motion was made by Roy with a second by Brian (KN0N) to have the monitor repaired. All were in favor.

Bob (WA7ZWG) said that the Motorola Quantar repeater on King Mountain will be programmed for

P-25 digital and analog both.

Reports from other Groups:

Jim (KP2X) reports that he, Bob (WA7ZWG), Dale (N7KWD) and Ryan (K7RGK) made the trip to Sumas Mountain to install the MRS-5000 Sumas Repeater (145.230) in the new WSP repeater site building. Permission was granted to install a temporary mag-mount antenna on the antenna bridge leading to the new tower until the permanent antenna could be installed. The permanent antenna will be installed shortly once all of the ordered parts are received and the tower crew is available. The Sumas Repeater works exceptionally well with the temporary antenna.

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned at about 2030 hours. The next meeting will be March 22, 2010.