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You can use Pop Money to pay your general club and digital group dues (not the repeater group dues, though).  Some banks, WECU for example, allow you to send money using Pop Money for free.  Check with your bank to see if this service is available.  If your bank does not support Pop Money, you can create an account at  If you use Pop Money outside of your bank account, you will likely be charged a nominal fee ($0.95) to send money.

When you pay your dues via Pop Money, please include the following information:

1) Your name
2) Your call sign
3) Your email address
4) The purpose of the dues (general club or digital group).  Please don’t combine dues in one transaction.  If you want to pay both general and digital dues, use a separate Pop Money transaction for each.
5) Use “MBARC” as the recipient’s name.
6) Use “” as the recipient’s email address.

Here’s how to use Pop Money at WECU:

1) Log in to WECU’s web site
2) Click Pay Bills under Quick Links
3) Click Pay People
4) Fill out the form as shown here.
5) Click Continue and follow the instructions on the screen.


Example PopMoney form: