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WA to MN on 500 mils

posted May 15, 2011, 9:58 AM by Brian Lawler
Bruce, N7RR, forwarded this email to me regarding his QRPp QSO with the mighty RockMite.

Hi Bart --
Thanks for answering my call this evening.  I was running 500 mW with a Small Wonder Labs Rock-Mite on 7029.57 kHz to a dipole strung from the house roof to a backyard tree.  That's cool that we were able to exchange a bit of information between Washington and Minnesota in spite of some fading and static on my signal.  As a young boy I lived in Circle Pines, Minnesota, not so very far from you.  Here's my log entry:


0309-0319 Z





Pengilly MN



Rock-Mite 500 mW to dipole, his 75 W to 2-element Quad

Now here's the neat news.  I've been teaching amateur radio to 6th and 7th graders in the Blaine Middle School "Math Champs" program.  They are learning Morse at a character speed of 20 WPM.  After they pass their VEC exams, they will each be building an identical Rock-Mite 40 transceiver.  You just proved what that little radio can do!  I'm sending a copy of this email to all of the Math Champs to inspire them to keep studying so they will qualify as radio amateurs.  Maybe you can duplicate our QSO with a number of them this summer when they will be operating their Rock-Mites from their own homes.
73, Bruce N7RR