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Membership Meeting 1/12/2010

posted Jan 13, 2010, 9:55 AM by Brian Lawler

MBARC meeting minutes January 12, 2010                  30 attending


Stan N7OC opens the meeting and announces our constitution says our first order of business is to elect a new VP (because of Jim’s AC7UM passing)


Treasurer:  $3077.01 in bank  There were no major expenditures last month


The club members were asked for nominations for a new VP , any volunteers ?

Brian L. KN0N nominates Bob Johnson WA7ZWG 2nd by Douglas KE7YOB   Then a motion was made to eliminate the written ballot by Mert AC7KY 2nd by ?  Then a motion was made to close the process by Joe KD7HOK 2nd by ?  At that time Stan asked for a vote on Bob being elected VP There was a unanimous vote of hands, Bob WA7ZWG was elected.

Bob is now conducting:


Digital Group: having their meeting next week at the Bellingham High Schools maintenance shop at 7pm


Repeater Group: Announces that there was an interference problem with the Sheriff’s lo band dispatch frequency, we removed our equipment from the site and the interference was still there, which eliminated us as the culprit.


The MBARC board is looking for direction as to where to make a donation in Jim’s AC7UM behalf  Suggested: Red Cross, Make A Wish Foundation, Cancer Society


Revisions to the constitution are done, it is posted on the web site for review   It will be voted on at next months meeting.


In the past the facility for the hamfest is costing $1200 per day, to much $  We have located another location that sounds like it will cost between $0 to $200  but we need lots of volunteers from the club to put this on.  The group was quiet no hands were raised.   Terry KC7OAS pointed out the purpose of the activity, to raise money which hasn’t happened for a few years, to be a social event where we can visit each other, and to get rid of unused equipment.  It was suggested we could have a “tailgate party” or similar function.  The board will look into it at the next meeting.


Do we want to have a field day this year ?  Participation last year was poor at best.  Blaine is going to have a FD and rumor has it the Sudden Valley group is also planning to participate. Do we want to have our own ?  -not much response from club-


We are out of the name tag business, if you have a tag on the table you can take it home.  The resource we had to create name tags for free is not available anymore.


Dues for the club and repeater group are due ! You will receive acknowledgement of receipt of dues by email.


Arrangements are made for us to continue meeting here (Tillicum House) for 2010 and the Ferndale Library will be our meeting place for board meetings in 2010


Does the group want to meet one month at the radio museum in Bellingham, Yes,  Mert AC7KY will check on availability.


Stan N7OC reminds us of the CW QRP contest through the month of February.


The board has elected an audit committee


Jerry W7JIM has the bunny-hunt trophy and suggested we have a hunt this year to pass it along.


Perry W7CDC in accident is in Shuksan Nursing home, Buck W7SCH had a knee replaced in room next to Perry.  Visitors welcome !


Wayne NB6M brought in lots of home made gadgets to look at, on the tables against the wall, feel free to look and ask.


    Coffee and cookies in the back   Meeting is adjourned