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MBARC Kit Program

posted Oct 12, 2011, 10:09 PM by Brian Lawler   [ updated Oct 12, 2011, 10:23 PM ]
The MBARC Board has announced a program to promote kit building and sharing. Suggest a kit idea to the board and if they accept it, they will reimburse up to $50 toward the cost of the kit after you have completed the kit and shared your experience with the club.  The following is the official announcement of the program. 

The purpose of this program to to promote electronic kit building within the members of the MBARC.


1.    Must be an active member to the MBARC

2.     Electronic kit must be amateur radio related (suggestions:)

    a.  CW keyer

    b. computer interface

    c.  transceiver  QRP   ( tuna tin, small wonder etc. )

    d.  SDR receiver    ( software defined radio )    

    e.  Test equipment     SWR bridge,  watt meter,

3.   Limit one kit per year

The program to run from November 1st. To June 1st each year. The MBARC will reimburse the builder up to the sum of  $50.00 for a completed kit.If the total cost to the builder is less than $50.00 then in full.The builder shall report the the club as to his/hers progress during the project.The builder shall demonstrate or make a presentation to the club at a regular meeting with the completed project

Any and all decisions shall be made be the MBARC board of directors.