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FD 2018 Results

posted Jun 27, 2018, 3:26 PM by Brian Lawler
Courtesy of Don W7AIN:

Below are the WECG / MBARC Field Day totals.  Our 2018 totals were higher in all categories except digital vs. 2017. 


In addition to the Field Day totals, some of the other event highlights included:


* We had 3 Field Day participants under 18 years old.  Each had successful voice contacts.  This included Lucas (KI7OPF), Mateo Gilmer and Eva Kay (KI7FGT)

* This year our GOTA (Get On The Air) station was operated during the entire event via solar power.  The GOTA station included 26 confirmed contacts.

* We had two visually impaired ham radio operators this year that had successful CW contacts via our GOTA station

* There were two WECG ham satellite stations operating during Field Day attempting to make contacts with the International Space Station and other ham operators via satellites.  This was their first Field Day attempt using this sometimes challenging mode. Operators included Jason (KG7PWQ) and Bryce (KI7UIN)


All the Field Day Committee members, group members and visitors who helped out and those who participated in this year's event did a great job.  Thank you and congratulations!







Here are the comparisons of 2018 vs. 2017:


Total contact points: (more points for CW and digital)

2018: 194

2017: 121


Total contacts by mode:


2018: 20

2017: -0-



2018: 16

2017: 20



2018: 158 (including 26 by solar power on the GOTA station)

2017: 101 (no solar powered contacts in 2017)


Participants: (Members and Visitors combined)

2018: 66

2017: 62


Total Field Day Points:

2018: 1838 (preliminary) Final official results will be published in QST magazine later this year

2017: 1522 (Official)