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Club Christmas Dinner !

posted Nov 2, 2009, 6:50 PM by Brian Lawler
Roy "Scrooge McDuck" KC7IJH sent an email out to the members tonight explaining the NEW IMPROVED Christmas Dinner plans for the MBARC.  The high points are as follows:

Place: Our usual meeting location- Tilicumn House at Pioneer Park Ferndale

When: December 8th, Tuesday.  6:30 arrival for chatting and 7:00 pm for chow

Cost: $12.50 per person / $25 per couple PAID IN ADVANCE. Deadbeats will be taught a wrestling hold by KF7AFF.

Eats: Catering by Kelly's Odeli of Ferndale with a menu of 1/4 chicken, mashed w/gravy, 2 salads, roll, beverage, and cake for desert.

READ THIS:  Your payment is your reservation.  There are 48 seats and when they are sold, that's it.  Bring your cash to the meeting November 10th for the number of spots you want to reserve.  No payment, no reservation.  The club treasury has been stuck with paying for no-shows in the past and that will not be happening this year.

Questions?  Contact Roy at