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Board Minutes 12.29.09

posted Dec 30, 2009, 11:09 AM by Brian Lawler

MBARC Board Meeting December 29, 2009



Members Present : Roy KC7IJH - Brian KN0N -  Mert AC7KY -  Bob WA7ZWG 

Stan  N7OC  - Rodger KK7LK - Brian K1BJ


Officer Reports :


Treasurer : $2977.01 in the bank, all bills paid. Christmas banquette cost $678.67, collected $532.50 from members. Dinner cost the club $146.17 plus $147.89 for door prizes


Digital Group :  Reports that last months meeting was moved to Bellingham High Schools maintenance shop. Worked well, planning on same place next month.


Repeater Group : Had a complaint of interference from Whatcom County Sheriff on their lo band frequency. Turned off a repeater on King Mtn to eliminate us as the problem.


Webmaster : Everything working great !  Discussed all the options available and how under used the website is.


Ground Wave : Discussed how lots of stuff in the GW is also on the website and do we want to continue the GW ?  Decided to reduce the size of the GW  Put most of the articles on the website and save the GW for more recent, schedule, up coming information. Rodger had some training on editing, adding information to the website. Roy will take over distribution of the GW


Old Business : Still reviewing the constitution,  clarify treasures duties,  discussed what would happen to the assets of a subsidiary group if it decided to dissolve itself.

Discussed equipment in the SAR building, that we should remove it, also there is equipment at Matt’s place, do we want to leave it there and does he want us to leave it there ?


Business / Announcements for general meeting : 1.Vote on constitution 2. We are getting out of the name tag business, box of tags will be out, take your tag it is yours to do what you want, if you don’t have a tag and want one it is up to you to have one made.  3. When dues are paid it will be acknowledged by email. 4. Ask for volunteers for audit committee, audits usually done in February, proposed that the audit be done in June for change of leadership.


New Business : Need to find a replacement for Jim AC7UM as vise president, accepting nominations from the club members  Board will bring recommendation to club meeting. We will nominate and elect a new VP at January’s meeting.

Proposed that we get 8x10 picture of Jim AC7UM under his umbrella antenna and have club members sign it.