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QRP Results 2009

MBARC FEBRUARY CW QRP CONTEST, February 1 – 28, 2009.


Thanks to all who participated in this year’s effort. We can each attest to having a great time while improving our CW skills.


I received a total of five contest logs this year. After checking with most of those who might be involved in the contest before hand, I decided to change the parameters a bit and add a category for gain antennas to the wire and vertical antennas used before. This was to encourage participation. Some exciting things happened as a result! This was an experiment to see what could follow for next year using low power and high gain.

We may have a gain versus non gain antenna category, a 1 watt and 5 watt category, and a Miles per Watt category.


In deriving the totals of either using QSO’s versus points with the .5X multiplier (handicap) for gain antennas, there was very little difference at the 5 watt level, but when calculating the points at the 1 watt or under category the point system made quite a bit of difference. There was of course, a much greater difference when using the milliwatt level of power while calculating the Miles per Watt. 


Since this became an exercise in comparing apples and oranges, I decided to award certificates in three categories, namely the gain versus non gain antennas, and try to factor in the power levels as well.

In addition, I added the Miles per Watt category which became very interesting again this year.


Someone may have come up with different observations, and I’m open to suggestions and improvements.


Results in the Gain antenna category:


Stan Schmidt, N7OC, most contacts, 357 Q’s, (7000 miles) Santa Catarina, Brazil, 1400 MPW.


Dick Moen, N7RO, most distant contact, 7298 miles, New Zealand. (341 Q’s) 1459.6 MPW


Results in the Non Gain antenna category:


Al Norton, K7IEY, worked W1PMR in Rogers, Ct., 2462 miles/5=492 MPW on 40 M. (25 Q’s)


Rodger Alexander, KK7LK, worked W1XR in Mashpee, Ma. 2534 miles/5=506.8 MPW on 40 M. (15 Q’s)


Brian Lawler, KN0N, worked FW5RE, New Caledonia, 5526/5=1105.2 MPW on 20M. (4 Q’s)



The contact numbers were up this year in spite of the fact that there were miserable conditions and numerous contests each weekend. Never the less each one had unique and interesting experiences. We found many QRP’ers out there listening for us who made the effort to work us.




Stan Schmidt, Contest Chairman.