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QRP Contest

To Promote Participation and the enjoyment of QRP

Dates: February 1 - 28,  2015.  0000 - 2359 Local Time.

Three Awards: "Most Contacts"  "Most Distant Contact"  "Greatest Miles per / Watt"
QSO Points:           
1 point   for each 5 Watt Contact or lowest radio power setting
                             2 points   for each 1 Watt or lower contact
Schedule Contacts in advance to encourage more activity.

Work anybody on CW using your license privileges. CW software like FLdigi is OK for both send AND receive. You can work FM-CW on
        2 meter simplex, so Tech licensees can play too.
Exchange:   Name, Report (RST), QTH 

Logging:    Exchange info PLUS Band, Mode, Date, and Time
Free Logging Software:
         N3FJP's Amateur Contact 
         N1MM Logger

         Winlog32  at

OR use the customized Google Spreadsheet created by KNØN HERE

    (This is a Google Docs feature- you must have a Google account (password)

Record Daily Blog Entries at  Contact Brian Lawler, KN0N
        at to register your personal Blog access. The Blog postings
        provides you with information from other hams in this contest as well as providing
        you with the opportunity to post your own QRP experience to fellow  Hams.
        Include your most memorable experiences from the contest, such as unusual
        antennas or rigs worked, or unusual places, individuals, ages, or stories relating to
        your   "rag chew". Let’s all get involved and have fun with this one.

 Submit your log sheet(s) including a summary (total) of points claimed, farthest QSO, and Greatest miles per watt.

    Send in your Log by March 31st to Stan Schmidt at or post mail to
    8377 Stein Rd., Custer, WA 98240 IF you are using the Google Log sheet, just set SHARING and
    give permission to READ it. DONE!

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