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Mount Baker Amateur Radio Club ( IRLP Node #3276 )
Available via the
King Mountain Repeater
147.160+ 103.5

Our group maintains an IRLP node for use by any interested amateur radio operator. IRLP (the Internet Radio Linking Project) allows an operator with nothing more than a small VHF radio (like an HT or Mobile) to connect to other stations all over the globe. The local IRLP node receives your radio signal, encodes your voice as digital information, and sends it over the internet to a station of your choice. There, the signal is converted back to radio to go to an amateur operator in range of the distant node. Local operators routinely have QSOs with operators in England, New Zealand and other countries using their 2-meter HTs.

To operate the IRLP node, you need:

  • A 2-meter station (mobile, portable, or base) capable of using the King Mountain repeater.
  • A way to generate DTMF tones.

To establish a link to another IRLP Node:

  • Establish communications with the King Mountain repeater.
  • Key up and announce what you're doing, for example, "This is KD7RCG for the McMurdo Base, Antarctica node".
  • While still keyed up, enter the node number (in this case, 8880) on your DTMF pad. Release PTT on your radio.
  • After 5-15 seconds, you will hear the remote node responding to tell you that you are connected or that the node is busy.
  • If you are connected, wait and listen for a bit, then go ahead and call CQ! Remember to Pause, Pause, Pause after you key up and before you speak.

To shutdown a link:

  • Key up and enter 73 or your DTMF pad.
  • Release PTT.
  • You should hear the node announce the disconnection of the link.

To get more information:

To support the IRLP system: Join the MBARC Digital group.

To ask questions or report problems with the IRLP system, contact:

Jon Landers, KD7PSG Phone: 647-3607      e-mail:
Greg Rehm, KD7RCG Phone: 738-4914      e-mail:

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