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A MESH is a computer network that has a dynamic structure.  Specially programmed routers can enter and leave the system, allowing links and paths to be created by the MESH firmware.  Start at  to read about how hams are leveraging their frequency allocation in the 2.4 GHz band to create high speed networks at very low cost. is the Northwest clearinghouse for detailed instructions for setting up and using your MESH gear.  Once you have some MESHable equipment and if you live up here in the Whatcom/San Juan area, plug your address and information into the spreadsheet at the following link:

This is a public link open to anyone, so edit with care.

As more radio amateurs get on the bandwagon, we can start building some persistent links.

Useful Links

Path Profiler -
Ubiquiti Profiler (Their products) -


WHatcom Area Mesh

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